The purpose of this weblog is to encourage and promote research into the prehistoric archaeology of the historic county of Lincolnshire. It is the second largest county in England with a long tradition of archaeological research but rarely features in general works on British prehistory other than reference to Neolithic long barrows on the Wolds, the Witham Shield or the Iron Age timber causeway at Fiskerton.

Bronze Age round barrow, Burgh on Bain

Bronze Age round barrow, Burgh on Bain

Lincolnshire is a rural county with agriculture the main industry. There are few visible prehistoric monuments surviving in the arable landscape and a large area of the county is covered with marine sediments. A lack of extant monuments may be one reason why Lincolnshire prehistory does not get the recognition it deserves but there are other factors. No university providing a focus for prehistoric archaeological research in the county may be another. Limited publication is also often suggested as contributing to the low profile of Lincolnshire prehistory but this is not the case as can be demonstrated by viewing the bibliography page on this site. It is true that there have been few syntheses of Lincolnshire prehistory and none since Jeffrey May’s ‘Prehistoric Lincolnshire’ published in 1976. Research for a new volume focussing on the Bronze Age is currently underway.

If you are professional archaeologist, a student looking for a research topic or help with an existing one, or a person with a general interest in prehistoric archaeology this is a resource for you to use.